My grandfather said to me that to be forcibly removed from one’s home was the most dehumanizing experience one could ever encounter. For background information, my grandfather was a Palestinian refugee during the first Israeli-Palestinian war. He fled from his native Palestine to Egypt and then had to flee Egypt as a political refugee since my grandmother, Lebanese-born Egyptian-raised, was no longer welcome to stay due to significant political changes in the country. …

A brief review.

So we’ve all heard of this thing called culture in day-to-day life used in conversation or academic discourse. But what is it really?

Whenever we talk about culture, people seem to be referring to various things, whether it may be a type of food, a way of dressing, a type of music, a group of people, etc.

However, a good definition for culture is that it is a set of historically transmitted principles to interpret the world and acting within it:

Now, what does that mean?

First things first, we can’t look at culture without looking at…

When was the last time the majority of us went into a gym? Last week? Last month? For me, it was all the way back in February of 2020. Because of the COVID pandemic, most gyms have been forced to close leaving avid fitness lovers struggling to get workouts in. However, people have been able to adapt by going on runs, walking more, or even lifting weights at home. And with the introduction of the ever so popular peloton bike, at-home workouts are quickly gaining traction

But working out isn’t just about cardio. Fitness experts have continuously stressed the importance…

We all know Jennifer Aniston.

Sitcom actress, Emmy award winner, all-around incredibly cool person — Jennifer Aniston is awesome.

But did you know that there is such a thing as a Jennifer Aniston neuron?

Yeah. I know! I didn’t believe it either but it’s a real thing! It was discovered by Rodrigo Quian Quiroga while he was looking for areas in the brain that cause epileptic seizures. During this process, he stumbled upon the “concept” known as the Jennifer Aniston neuron.

A.N. for simplicity, the Jennifer Aniston neuron will simply be referred to as The Jen.

To fully comprehend the…

The brain can be classified into many different scales. As you can see on the image they go from the largest (people) to the smallest (molecules). To truly understand the brain, we need to look at it at the neuronal level. However, the technology we currently have isn’t fast enough to have a complete network and understanding of all the neurons in the brain (just for context that’s about 100 billion). Cognitive neuroscience tends to focus on brain organization of function of the areas of the brain or the mapping of the areas of the brain each section at about…

I’m going to be honest with you. The first time I heard the word anthropology — I thought it was talking about the study of ants.

Now cut me some slack because I was six and barely knew how to tie my shoelaces at that point but as I grew older and delved into my own research I realized that not as many people as I previously thought knew what anthropology was.

So here you go dear reader, a quick summary of what anthropology is in about 2 minutes.

Anthropology is a lot of things. It’s culture, diversity , archelogy…

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Okay, you just read that sentence. Awesome — you can read!

Now, what would happen if you read it out loud?

Probably the same thing, you would just understand that the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Now read it while standing on one foot.
Now read it in a freezing cold shower.
Now read it while watching the part in the titanic where rose leaves jack to die. …

What does your morning routine consist of? For me, I wake up, make my bed, wash my face, eat my breakfast and then brush my teeth.

This has become a habitual part of my life. I don’t even think about the order of the steps, how to make my bed, where my face wash is, how to use the coffee machine or how to brush my teeth. In order words, my morning, like most other people’s, is boring.

About a month ago I was walking my dog and listening to a Jim Kwick podcast about his morning routine. Now in…

How big is a million?
What about a hundred million?
What about a billion?
What about a hundred billion?!

That’s a freakishly big number! A billion of anything is bound to take up a lot of space right?

Well not really.

As you read the intro to this article, the hundred billion neurons were firing electrical and chemical signals to each other in your brain.

Well not all hundred billion, the physical action of reading only stimulates the cerebral cortex. So, you know, only sixteen billion neurons. …

How do you start your morning?

For me, I wake up, grudgingly make myself a cup of coffee, pet my dog, get changed, pack my bag, and am out the door. This routine and all the senses and memories involved with it — the smell of the coffee, the feel of my dog’s fur, the rush of adrenaline and panic I feel when I realize that I put on two different socks — are all controlled and processed by my brain using billions of electrical connections between nerve cells called synapses.

These cells are interconnected in a vast and very…

Natalie Abboud

16 year old passionate about CSR, anthropology and neuroscience and how it can be used to better the world.

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